We introduce representative Japanese urban infrastructure technologies supporting urban infrastructure and urban development project by theme.
In Town Walk page, we introduce examples of urban development projects and urban infrastructures such as transportation and energy etc. utilizing these technologies on the map.

This is a portal site for urban infrastructure technologies developed through cooperation between the City Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) and organizations and companies involved in urban infrastructure improvement and development.

Japan is an island country with an elongated shape extending in a north-south direction, and precipitous geological formations. Its population is concentrated primarily in river basins and plains. It is in those limited areas where Japan’s major cities have developed. Japan is also an earthquake-prone country. We cannot ignore the risk of earthquakes and other disasters in our urban areas. We have received warm support and assistance from countries all over the world in the aftermath of natural disasters such as the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Great Hanshin Earthquake.
Japanese cities were built by effectively utilizing limited areas with emphasis on safety from disasters. At the same time, consideration was given to ensuring that large numbers of people can efficiently and comfortably live and pursue activities in such cities.

For this purpose, various urban infrastructure technologies are utilized in the improvement and maintenance of urban infrastructure and urban development. These technologies cover a broad range of applications from individual technologies for specific facilities, etc., to planning, coordination and management technologies for efficient construction and managing cities in confined areas.

Tokyo will be hosting the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Japan will become the focus of global interest and attention, and people from all over the world will visit our country. For this reason, the Government of Japan is engaging in efforts to boost inbound and outbound policy. Similar efforts are being made in the sector of urban development as well, and we are confident that in this process, we can sufficiently harness our urban infrastructure technologies to provide support for professionals and business people who have chosen Japan as the base of their activities in Asia and experts engaged in urban development in their respective countries.

In order to achieve this goal, this website will serve as a portal developed through cooperation between the City Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) of Japan and companies and organizations. By providing information on a diverse range of urban infrastructure technologies in a manner that facilitates easy access for relevant parties involved in urban development overseas, and displaying such information on the map, this site aims to enable visitors to Japan to experience first-hand our infrastructure and thus gain an understanding of our urban technologies, including intangible aspects.
We hope that by accessing this website and visiting our country, you will deepen your understanding of Japan’s cities and the technologies that support them.

Urban Planning Policies in Japan
(MLIT Site)


○City Policies
・Promotion of Disaster Prevention and Reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake
・Promotion of Urban Renovation and Compact Cities etc.

・City Planning Act etc.

Japan Innovative Cities Award Pamphlet (IFUD site)

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Future urban creation at Takenaka Corporation(2019.2.6)
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