Urban infrastructure technologies

We introduce technologies and products that are realizing safe, comfortable and attractive Japanese cities by theme.

Those that are introduced and installed in Tokyo and Osaka are displayed as links on the map.

  • Theme Ⅰ.Planning and administration

    [Creation and improvement of appeal through coordination and management] (1)

    Public facility management/maintenance and community development projects
  • Theme Ⅱ.Improvement of disaster prevention

    [Establishment of safe and sustainable urban environment] (6)

    Safety and SecurityReinforced-concrete,super high-rise buildingsSimulation data-based disaster prevention planning and designLeveeBridgeLandslide Prevention
  • Theme Ⅲ.Reduction of the burden on the environment

    [Achievement of a society with highly efficient energy utilization and a small environmental burden] (1)

    Japan’s first PPP renewable energy facility installation and management
  • Theme Ⅳ.Smooth movement

    [Establishment of comfortable and convenient transportation systems] (6)

    Railway systemTransportation improvements through use of ICT(Road)Automated Bicycle Parking SystemAutomated Car Parking System
  • Theme Ⅴ.Universal design

    [Creation of universal design for a free and unrestricted lifestyle] (1)

    Projects to improve accessibility for tourists
  • Theme Ⅵ.Sophisticated urban space

    [Formation of sophisticated urban space based on advanced and accurate construction technologies] (1)

    Landscape designs, preservation, and renovation of historical civil engineering heritage sites for the next generation
  • Theme Ⅶ.Maintenance and management

    [Maintenance of functions through adequate maintenance and management] (2)

    Seismic retrofittingInfrastructure facility assessment, planning, and design through use of ICT